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WR Communication Consultants is a team of specialists with experience in a broad range of industries: high technology, biotechnology, finance, non-profits, construction, and more. As innovative and creative facilitators, we offer an environment that fosters openness and learning.



WRCC believes success in business depends on effective communication. Our programs help individuals identify and prioritize their goals, learn strategies to achieve those goals, and draft action plans for continued learning and personal/professional development.


At WRCC, we distinguish ourselves by the learning partnership we create with companies and participants. Our larger group seminars of 20 - 30 emphasize primary skills development and knowledge building. Our small groups and individual coaching optimize participation and interaction in our workshops. Through instructive teaching, group feedback, and self-assessment, participants build on each other's skills and realize their potential for growth.  This shared accountability gives participants confidence to. This shared accountability gives participants confidence and skills to set future goals and monitor their own learning process.

The foundation of good business is good communication. At WRCC, we offer you strategies and tools to ensure your success through:

  • speaking effectively
  • writing clearly
  • strengthening customer relationships
  • developing effective management skills

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Updated: Saturday 15 June 2013

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