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Wonda Royse

Wanda Royse



Wanda Royse founded WR Communication Consultants Inc. because of her strong belief that success in this complex and interactive world demands communication excellence. Working with startups through Fortune 100 companies, Wanda delights in hearing the success of her clients. The advancement in their careers — managers, directors, Vice Presidents, Partners, and C Suite executives — expresses that communication excellence was a key factor in achieving success. Wanda's method developed from many years of experience in fields where “communication was the core,” including directing, choreographing, and performing for theatre productions, broadcast media, and corporate communications. As a coach, she helps people identify their unique brand, enhance their style with specific techniques professional communicators use, and create an action plan to polish their skills.


Wanda’s communication journey began at an early age.  Growing up in the Midwest, her family moved every 3 to 5 years because of her father's work.  Looking back, it was preparing Wanda for her life’s purpose: communication, mentoring and coaching.  The last move was to North Dakota where she became Miss North Dakota and competed in the Miss America Pageant.  This was truly life changing, including the scholarships paying for her college education. 


Wanda Weather Reporter


Wanda worked at KFYR television in Bismarck, North Dakota, as a weather reporter, talk show host, and commercial actor.  Then she toured the United States with Fred Waring & the Pennsylvanians, a professional choral and orchestra troupe which had performed on NBC National daily radio show and later a weekly live CBS television show, all out of New York.  This lead Wanda to Los Angeles where she attended USC, majored in Theatre Arts, and earned her Screen Actors Guild card.  Next, the journey was to Northern California where she graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Arts degree at San Jose State University — double major in Theatre Arts and Broadcast Communications. 




Realizing how important communication is in the business world, Wanda transitioned her skills into the corporate world.  First stop, Atari.  As the Manager of Communications for the Research and Development for a team under the leadership of Dr. Alan Kay — a major influence in the technology world — she spent  4 years of organizing press and media interviews, coordinating multi-media presentations, and coaching scientists and engineers for presentations.  When most of the team moved over to Apple Computer, Wanda decided to ‘strike out on her own’ and created
WR Communication Consultants Inc.



Wendy Weiner

Wendy Weiner



Wendy Weiner’s professional experience in the corporate communications industry, along with her expertise as a writing consultant and university instructor, has given her a distinctive understanding of writing for business. For many years she worked in the corporate communication field as a writer, producer, and editor of corporate films. Wendy then taught English Composition at Bay Area colleges. She was also active in School-to-Career, a national educational reform movement which joins local business communities with educators to give young people the skills they need to succeed in the changing workplace.


Wendy has been WRCC’s writing consultant for over 20 years, working with corporations and non-profits. She teaches business writing in small group settings for both native- and non-native speakers of English, as well as coaching individuals in honing their communication skills. Online coaching and editing are two of her areas of expertise.


Wendy graduated cum laude from Ohio University where she majored in Organizational Communications. She has an M.A. in English Composition from San Francisco State University.