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Presentation Presence
& Executive Coaching

Your individual style can make your presentation both memorable and effective. Confident people have a presence when they enter a room: the light seems to go on, and people notice and pay attention. Their style has influence and is extremely powerful. They are confident giving presentations, participating in professional panels, or leading meetings.


These are skills that can be learned and developed during this workshop. By developing your verbal and non-verbal communication skills, you will become a confident communicator in a variety of business settings. As we work together using video feedback, you’ll understand the strengths of your individual communication style and develop the “subtle” and “powerful” techniques successful communicators use.


Key Takeaways:
  • Develop your communication style to move your message and influence your mobility in the workplace
  • Understand how context, content, and non-verbal communication create memorable, organized and effective presentations
  • Harness your nervous energy – “fight “ or “flight”
  • Discover the perks in analyzing your target audience for presentations, networking events, conferences, meetings, and one-on-ones
  • Discover techniques that actors and media professionals use to hone their skills and polish their presentation



    Non-verbal Communication
    – The Silent Language

    Professionals spend years developing technical skills. Then once your career develops, you begin to realize the journey to the top takes more than just bits and bites; debits and credits; or scientific knowledge. Research has shown that inconsistent messages affect a person’s “believability” factor. It was discovered that approximately 7% of communication is the message – words; 38% is vocal – intonation, projection, pace, resonance, and 55% is visual. Understand how media, the arts, and the internet has a great influence on our awareness of communication effectiveness.


    Learn how non-verbal communication can tremendously enhance your “believability” factor, reduce inconsistent messages, and build trusting relationships.


    Key Takeaways:
  • Learn how our attitude, assumptions, and non-verbal behavior help or hinder success in this complex environment
  • Identify how people reveal themselves through non-verbal clues
  • Understand confident gestures, voice, and body language
  • Learn techniques professionals use to develop their voice
  • Understand subtle American workplace communication


    Your written word is a reflection of you. If your writing is unclear, your ideas may be lost, ignored, or even misinterpreted.



    Executive Writing Seminar

    In business, you need to write clearly and concisely so that the reader can focus on the ideas you are communicating, rather than being distracted by poor grammar, careless punctuation, sloppy sentence structure, or murky organization.


    Would you like to attend a writing seminar? Or would you like to have one specially tailored for your company? Wendy is your coach to accomplish your goal.


    Key Takeaways:
  • explore ways to quickly generate and organize your ideas
  • learn editing techniques which strengthen your writing and modulate your tone
  • brush up on punctuation and grammar

    Executive Writing Seminar for ESL Professionals

    As an ESL professional, you write with the added challenge of communicating your thoughts in a language not your own. Through clarifying your ideas, recognizing your own patterns of error, and practicing new strategies, your writing ability will improve.


    Key Takeaways:
  • gain the confidence to express yourself in English
  • begin to stop worrying about “getting it right

    Online Editing for ESL Professionals

    Does your writing need polishing? Editing can improve your sentence structure and make your prose sing! Wendy has twenty years' experience in both academic and corporate environments. She will quickly edit and proofread your document or manuscript so that it is fluent and free from grammatical and ESL-related errors. Turnaround can be within an hour for short e-mail or documents and overnight for longer documents.



    1-on-1 Writing Skills Coaching

    Would you like to improve your own writing skills? If your answer is yes, Wendy will help you through 1-on-1 coaching sessions. After an in-depth assessment of your writing and grammar skills, a plan will be designed to target and maximize your learning. Subsequent sessions can take place online, giving you added flexibility. Online coaching will encourage you to try new techniques and strategies that will make writing easier at any stage in the writing process.